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Surya Henna Powder

Award-winning henna hair powder

Shine with a vibrant new shade from our Surya henna powder – winner of the Best of Natural Beauty Awards. For a totally natural, cruelty free alternative, mix up your henna powder and achieve your perfect shade.

What does Surya henna powder contain?

Surya henna powder is all organic. Made with extracts of the henna plant, the powder contains natural derivatives of herbs and fruits from Brazil and India. You won’t find anything synthetic in this natural hair colourant. Our henna powder is free from ammonia, PPD, parabens, peroxide, resorcinol, mineral oils, GMOs, gluten, artificial fragrances and heavy metals.

The nourishing plant extracts work in two ways. First, they offer an intense scalp treatment thanks to the innate antibacterial properties of henna, helping to clear away signs of dandruff and calm skin inflammation.

Second, the shades can be used to cover greys, coat the whole head of hair, or just add lowlights and highlights. Your final colour will depend on how you mix the powder, how long you leave it in, and the current shade of your hair.

How to use Surya henna hair powder

You can use the hair powder on natural, greying, or coloured/chemically treated hair. Every product is dermatologically tested, which means it won’t harm your skin.

Simply mix up the henna powder in a colour of your choice, wearing the gloves provided, apply starting at the hair root using an application brush or massage in with your fingertips. How much you add depends on the amount of grey hair you have. Alternatively, you may just want to top up roots or pick out individual sections for low and highlights.

Watch a video on how to apply Surya henna products >

You can choose from any one of the following shades:

  • Auburn
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Dark brown
  • Golden blonde
  • Golden brown

For best results, use henna shampoo and conditioner as part of your hair care routine.

Please note

All images shown on this page are digitally rendered; your colour will depend on how you mix the powder, and the original colour of your hair.

You should always read the instructions on the packaging and perform a skin test 48 hours in advance. Simply dab a little of the mixture behind your ear or in the crease of your elbow. Do not use on eyelashes or eyebrows. Keep out of reach of children, and rinse with plenty of cool water if this product enters your eyes.

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 Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. This product must not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Conduct a sensitivity test before using this product. For external use only.


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