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Welcome to itselixir – vegan beauty shop

Organic and vegan beauty products for hair, face and body

Welcome to itselixir, your number one vegan beauty shop for natural beauty products including henna hair dye, shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and much more.


The full itselixir range comprises hair care, face and body moisturisers, ear candles and gifts. Maintain a sense of balance with our cruelty-free, organic product range, or pass on the gift of nature to a loved one.

Why invest in all-natural, vegan beauty products?

When you buy from a vegan beauty shop, not only are you making a lasting impact on your wellbeing, but on the life of the planet, too. Every product in our range has been made sustainably, without animal testing or using harsh products that could pollute the environment.

An investment in natural beauty products is also an investment in your health. For example, our nourishing henna hair care range could add a new shine to coloured hair, while also nourishing the scalp and protecting the hair follicle.

Going for a new look? Try a henna hair dye in a colouring cream or powder. Pick a shade or mix one together to find your perfect blend of blondes, browns and reds. Keep it looking vibrant for longer with henna aftercare shampoo.

Have a little me-time

Whether you’re taking a little time to yourself in the tub or detoxifying your body with ear candles, you’ll find it all right here at itselixir. Our products are made with naturally derived extracts of the henna plant, sourcing organic ingredients from India and Brazil.

What results is healthier skin, shinier and softer hair, and an all-round feeling of natural wellness. Plus, with a vegan beauty shop, you’ll know you’re getting your goodness in without harming the planet.

Want to find out more? Head over to our blog for the latest haircare, health and natural beauty tips.

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