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Colour and care for your locks with Surya Brasil

Discover the healing properties of the rainforest with Surya Brasil henna hair care. Our extensive range is available for all hair types, and comprises henna creams, henna powders, and nourishing shampoos.

Whether yours is natural hair, suffers from heat damage, or needs a new lease of life after colouring, you can find the answers with Surya Brasil.

Switch up your colour

Looking to find a shade that’s completely unique to you? Mix it up with Surya Henna Powder – choose your colour, add water and mix. Alternatively, for fuss-free grey coverage, full hair colour or highlights and lowlights, you can try our Surya Brasil henna cream.

Everyday haircare without the chemicals

Whether you’re caring for coloured hair or just keeping your tresses in good condition, you can do it better with Surya. Our Colour Fixation Shampoo contains 15 botanicals to nourish and enhance your shine, while caring for your scalp.

For best results, follow it up with our Surya Colour Fixation Conditioner – simply comb it through from root to tip and enjoy suppler, stronger and shinier hair.

How does henna work?

We’ve developed our Surya hair care range to draw on all the best properties of henna, including anti-inflammatory and antiseptic elements for nourished skin. This means that not only will you benefit from gorgeous shine; you’ll also enjoy an itch-free scalp with no sign of dandruff.

Our henna hair dyes and shampoos are free from chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, PPD or resorcinol, so they’re also environmentally friendly.


Always read the label. Keep out of reach of children. You should perform a skin test 48 hours in advance before attempting to dye your hair. If product gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water.